Nine Fun Activities to Get Your Kids Away From the Screen

White-water rafting. Experience nature with a touch of excitement–take your child on a white-water rafting trip. Your child will navigate waves and whirlpools with ease and hurtle down raging rivers in confidence and safety–all in the company of an experienced white-water rafting guide. At most white-water rafting companies you’ll be with a group of people and a guide in a large, heavy-duty inflatable raft. There’s room for the whole family, so it’s ideal for group trips and family reunions. If your child has no prior experience on the water, it’s an exciting introduction that’s sure to be more fun than the computer screen. raft wars

Powerboating. If fast is more your child’s speed, try a powerboating adventure. Let your child experience the power, speed, and maneuverability of a world-class powerboat in a safe environment with a qualified instructor. During most powerboat outings, kids get a chance to pilot the boat themselves–this is sure to get them interested in spending more time on the water.

Shadow a zookeeper. Most kids love animals, and are especially fascinated by big cats and other exotic creatures at the zoo. What better way to see these animals up close and learn more about them than by shadowing a zookeeper? At many shadowing programs, kids get to feed the animals and experience a zookeeper’s daily routine in a safe and protected environment. Kids will be thrilled to see these beautiful animals up close–and you never know; with this gift you could inspire a future zookeeper or veterinarian’s career.

Flying lessons. What child doesn’t love the idea of soaring over the clouds? Give your child an unforgettable experience–a flying lesson in a small aircraft. Flying lessons are available in airplanes, ultra-light aircraft, and helicopters. Your child will learn in a safe, controlled environment with a licensed instructor. This activity is sure to get your child less interested in video games–and more interested in exploring the skies.

Zorbing. Have you ever thought it’d be fun to hurtle down a hill inside a big plastic bubble? Chances are, you would have when you were a kid–and your child will love it. During a zorbing experience, you’ll be strapped securely inside a huge PVC ball, suspended within an even larger one with thousands of nylon strands. Then you’ll be pushed down a hill! The ball-within-a-ball suspension system keeps you cushioned and protected the whole way. Kids love this activity and will likely want to go over and over.

Windsurfing. Racing across the surface of the water, balanced on a board, with a sail full of wind–what could be more thrilling than windsurfing? It’s great exercise, and a thrilling challenge for kids who like the water. A good windsurfing school will provide all the equipment you need, including wetsuits, boards and sails.

Driving. What kid hasn’t secretly wished to take the family car out for a drive? You’ll be the coolest parent imaginable if you give your child a driving lesson. Driving experience days are normally done on an enclosed track, with a qualified instructor and in a safe environment. This activity makes a great “grown up” gift for a child’s birthday.

Yacht sailing. Spark a life-long interest in sailing when you take your child on a yachting trip. Most yachting companies expect kids to take an active part in sailing the boat, and teach the rudiments of sailing along the way. It’s an adventurous gift that will get children out on the water, feeling the sun and the wind on their skin–and hopefully renew their interest in the outdoors.

Paintball. Kids love to play war and strategy games. If your child loves playing action-hero video games, he or she will be crazy about paintball. During a paintball game, your child will be playing on a course encompassing acres of fields and woods, incorporating both natural and manmade obstacles. Paintball games employ strategy and planning as well as guts and stamina–making it an ideal activity to exercise your child’s mind and body. If they love the video games, they won’t be able to get enough of the real thing.

Lots of kids today are more interested in the Internet, television, and video games than spending time outside. But as parents, it’s our job to teach them that the real world is far more exciting than anything they can see on a screen. With all the thrilling, kid-friendly and safe activities available for kids, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a few ideas. Give an experience day as a holiday or birthday gift, and your child is sure to thank you for it!

Have you noticed that children today just aren’t as active as they once were? Many kids spend hours in front of a screen–watching television, surfing the Internet, or playing video games. If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s inactive lifestyle, there’s something you can do–take them on a fun and exciting experience day. Experience days are relatively inexpensive ways of introducing kids to fun activities that will get them out of the house–and hopefully spark a continuing interest in a more active lifestyle. Here are nine ideas for activities kids love.

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